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Mauve is a digital marketing agency focused on empowering Web3 and SaaS businesses so they can thrive – even during tough times. 

We understand that the greatest challenge that any company in the Crypto-world faces is to build trust with early adopters and skeptical consumers. Rug pulls, Scams and pump & dumps have negatively impacted public perception of Web3, leading to an overall decrease in NFT, Crypto and DApp purchases.

We are here to fix that! Our Web3-native team of designers, writers, developers and strategists have led and created digital campaigns & content for over 25 years combined. Now, we are looking to empower game-changing companies that are looking to provide their customers with a valuable product and experience. 

In other words, we are here to support the REAL players of Web3 that are creating a positive, high-value space for people all around the world to benefit from. 

The values that guide our work

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Richard Schmitt

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If I said everything I feel about Mauve, you'd think I'm getting paid (I'm not).

They understand at a deeper level.

It's more than a product to them. It's a purpose.

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Be Conscious

We are aware that the work we create alongside our Web3 and Web2 clients has the potential of impacting millions of people and choices. We decide what projects to take on based on the vision we have of the future of technology and the impact we want to have on the world. We’ve got “skin in the game”, and to us business is more than just business!

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Think Big Ideas

In a world full of clutter and same-olds, we aim to break through the status quo and challenge ourselves and our clients to think big. New tech requires a new type of thinking, and we are here to bring a fresh perspective to the table. We strive to dig deep, learn more and create never-seen-before connections.

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Build Trust

The best way to help our clients build trust is being trustworthy ourselves. This pillar makes up the core foundation of every relationship we develop. From the first contact to the end of our partnership, we place a special emphasis on integrity.

These building blocks are constructed using effective communication, realistic expectations and a loyal desire to do our very best for you. Needless to say, we are excited to partner with clients who share the same principles.

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Focus on Results

Building a strategy is not the same as successfully implementing it. It’s not about what looks good on paper, it’s about getting the results our clients seek. Every. Single. Time.

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Be a breath of fresh air

In a world where scams, rug pulls and low-quality work have become the norm, we want to hit the “refresh” button. Going the traditional route is a good strategy for obtaining predictable results, but taking a chance on new, engaging and disruptive content opens the doors to a whole new world of possibilities. We pair the old school with the new to create breakthrough results. 

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Back it up

We obsess over finding the core truth behind every execution. Web3 is a new movement that brings a lot of information and knowledge with it. We have been involved in this space for years and we are constantly acquiring new expertise that translates into wins for our clients. 

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Our Mission

Client Mission: To help Web3 and SaaS businesses build trust with engaged communities and convert them to paid customers.

Community Mission: To facilitate the digital community in learning about emergent technologies through novel, consistent and educational content. 


A brief story

We observed that businesses that didn’t have consumer-interest at heart were somehow winning against high-value projects that were packed with benefits for the community. 

We couldn’t sit around while the Web3 world was tainted. Simply put, we wanted to do better. To create the best darn work.

So, we took it into our own hands and created this group of talented people that we call Mauve.


Other than our deep understanding of the Web3 and SaaS markets, we also offer a team of talented creatives with over 25 years of market experience.

 That’s why we provide you with world-class strategy as well as beautiful creative deliverables that will help you stand out from the competition.

By focusing on Design-thinking, we’re able to incorporate proven systems into our work, and solve the most complex creative challenges you face.

You will be in great company

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The dream squad

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